The Best Travel Photography Equipment

I wish it were as easy as keeping all of my travel photography equipment on a shelf in my room. I would have several camera bodies, loads of lenses and tons of extra camera accessories. 카지노사이트

As a travel photographer, I have to be very careful about the camera equipment I have, because the more I have, the more I have to carry.

That being said, in this day and age, a lot of camera equipment is digital. Post-processing travel photos is just as important as using the right equipment to shoot them, so some of the best camera equipment for travel is no heavier than the laptop I carry.

That said, these 14 items should be in every travel photographer’s kit.

The Best Travel Photography Equipment

The first thing any travel photographer should invest in, after a body and the right lenses, are filters. There is an endless number of filters on the market, but the first one to get is a circular polarizing lens, or CPL for short.

Essentially, a circular polarizer diffracts light differently than the glass on your lens and, as such, it produces a different visual effect. It’s especially helpful for “erasing” reflections from your photos, especially in cases where you’re shooting the ocean (which reflects the sun extremely brightly), and it also creates more vivid, vibrant colors in your photos.

If you’re shooting in the broad daylight, a CPL is a must, as it deflects the glare from the sun away from the camera and prevents them from entering the lens. It’s also ideal for shooting any surface which might produce a reflection.

With any filter, you run the risk of losing sharpness and of changing the color or white balance (this is called a color cast). And while this can be easily corrected in post-processing, I prefer to get the shot right, straight out of the camera. 바카라사이트

Breakthrough’s X4 CPL is sharp as a tack with no visible color cast. They’re a relative newcomer to “the filter game,” which means they don’t have quite the same level of market penetration as the rest, but the quality of the product is clear.

I have one of these filters for each of my lenses, and they stay put for 99% of the photos I take.

Mind you, Breakthrough filters are more expensive than the others, but not by a lot, and as is the case with any travel photography equipment—you get exactly what you pay for.

Formatt Hi-Tech is the current leader in quality neutral density filters. If you plan on taking long exposure photos—a staple of landscape photography—you’re going to need a set of ND filters.

Neutral Density filters do one thing: They reduce the amount of light that enters the lens. This means you can leave the shutter open for longer without over-exposing the image. If you want to take those long, silky shots of waterfalls, or smooth the surface of the ocean, or catch light trails from moving cars, you’re going to need an ND filter.

Graduated Neutral Density filter, on the other hand, has a ND filter on the top half of the glass and is fully transparent on the bottom half. This is especially useful for shooting sunsets or any landscape where the sky becomes overexposed and the foreground is underexposed. When you place the GND along the horizon, you darken the sky, giving you a more evenly exposed photo. 온라인카지

Formatt Hi-Tech makes two lines of filters—their standard filters and the Firecrest line—with the latter being the clear leader regarding quality and build. Firecrest filters use carbon neutral coatings to reduce color cast. The glass is then coated with bonding for an extra layer of durability.

While you could buy each filter individually, the Elia Locardi Signature Edition kit is actually the perfect set of ND filters for most travel photographers. It comes with these Firecrest filters:

  • Ultra 4 stop ND
  • 100mm Filter Holder
  • Ultra 10 stop ND filter
  • 82mm Ultraslim polarizer
  • Ultra ND Soft Edge Grad 0.9

If you haven’t heard of Elia Locardi, he’s one of the most well-respected travel photographers out there with one of the most comprehensive travel photography courses you can buy. Check out his photography course here.

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